March 2014"Bully Handbook" course goes live

Worksafe Training has just released its first course 'The Bully Handbook', a comedic approach to training and understanding the very complex and delicate issue of bullying.

Cheap laughs, serious message.

The Bully Handbook course consists of a training video with follow up course to be completed online with any smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer.

Results are confidential. Copies can be sent to the employer for evaluation and follow up action if required.

Scalable Training Opportunities

Worksafe Training offer courses to all business types and sizes


category of
number of employees cost
Small to Medium Enterprises 1-15 $270
Medium & Large Enterprises 16-50 $500
Large Enterprises 50+ POA

Identify bullies and victims of bullying

By identifying problems in the workplace you can save money on insurance premiums, staff churn and minimise the risk of litigation

Minimise the risk of litigation

Every year, companies large and small, are held accountable for neglecting to provide their staff a safe work environment. Psychological injury claims are now the most prevalent work cover claims.

Lower insurance premiums

Creating a safer work environment lowers the risk of insurance claims. This saving is passed on through lower premiums by select insurance companies.

Minimise staff churn rate

Losing valuable staff to avoidable negative social interactions can and should be addressed as a priority. Not only is avoiding legal intervention going to save you money, but also the cost of retraining new staff.

FairWork Commission's first anti-bullying report

(Source - Herald Sun 24th April 2014)

The first quater of 2014 saw the FairWork Commission receive more than 150 applications to stop workplace bullying

The report showed that in 133 cases the alleged victim was and employee. In 109 cases the the manager of the employee was the aleged bully.

Pacific Brands
Sued $9 million

(Source -

The issue of workplace bullying is again in the spotlight this morning, with the launch of a lawsuit worth more than $9 million against one of Australia's most prominent clothing companies.

A former senior executive at Pacific Brands, Sally Berkeley, is suing

the company and its general manager Ross Taylor. A statement of claim lodged with the Federal Court in Melbourne, alleges Mr Taylor swore, used his large physical presence, and slammed his fist into office furniture, to bully her - and others.

Pacific Brands, which manufacturers Bonds, Berlei and Dunlop, describes the claims as baseless.

Read the entire story here...

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